Why a 'Memory Box'?

Why do we offer our 'Memory Box' or 'Folio Box' as it's more commonly known? - Well, I shall tell you...read on.

Quantity -

you can now choose more photographs to take home and not worry where to store them all, they're all contained and safe in your Memory Box. You're not only getting one print for the wall, you can have up to 25 professionally printed photographs in each box.

Space - 

you no longer need to worry about where you're going to hang all your gorgeous photographs, one of the two boxes that we offer has a clear front so that you can rotate the images and display it on a shelf or cupboard - just like a self contained picture frame! Buy one or two frames for the wall and swap your photographs round every couple of months between the box and the frame.

Quality - 

these are a quality product, your photographs are precious to you and one day will be even more so to your family. We have 2 options, you can choose the 'Reveal box' with the clear front which is finished in a black or white soft leather. Or a metallic look solid lid version with a plush 'moleskin' interior - both luxurious boxes and must be seen to be appreciated fully.

Instant - 

There's no waiting for your photographs, at your reveal session the photographs that you love, you simply place into your 'Memory Box' and take them home on the night.

Share - 

you can now take all your photographs to family & friends houses to show them, presenting them in your lovely 'Memory Box' - don't forget you'll also get a digital file of all the images in your box too, so that you can share online with people who live away.

Memory Box? - 

Why 'Memory Box'? - because that's just what it is, the photographs we take for you are a moment in time that will never be repeated, you'll never be the same as that instant when the shutter clicks, you'll be older just one second after...just a memory. Imagine how precious these memories will be in years to come! Keep them safe.

This will become an heirloom to pass on to your family.

Covered in a soft leather, clear window lid to 'frame' your top photograph.

Covered in a soft leather, clear window lid to 'frame' your top photograph.

Solid lid, 'metallic' finish, soft plush 'moleskin' interior

Solid lid, 'metallic' finish, soft plush 'moleskin' interior

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