"Why would I want a portrait of myself?"

  • Because - you'll look amazing!
  • Because - you'll feel emotional and proud when you first see your images.
  • Because - one day you won't be here and your what will your family have? ... beautiful photographs of you!

I've photographed some wonderful people over the years, from models to housewives, who just want to treat themselves. It's such a pleasure photographing new faces and getting to know the people behind them.

This is an opportunity to dress up for an evening, relax and be the star of the show, something for you to look forward to. 

Have your hair done, arrange a make-over, pick out your favourite dresses then let us take some gorgeous photos for you to be proud of. An evening that's all about you...

Once you've decided that you'd love to have some amazing photos to cherish, we'll get together beforehand to discuss what you'd like from the shoot, what sort of photographs would you like, maybe you don't really know yet so we can offer some ideas. If you still want to go ahead we'll book you in at a time suitable for you.

When you arrive we'll have a bit of chat to put you at ease, have a look at your outfits and decide what backgrounds would compliment them best, then we'll start taking some lovely photos of you. Whatever outfits you bring, we'll try and incorporate as many as comfortably possible in the 2/3 hours that you're with us.