Your portrait experience - what's involved?

So you're interested in coming for some beautiful portraits? It's all very straight forward, here's how we roll...

Once you've contacted us and made an enquiry the first thing we do is to invite you for a chat so that we can talk about the photos you'd like, how you'd like to be photographed and if you're having a 'solo' shoot or sharing the experience with somebody else.

Now we've got a plan we can arrange a date for your shoot.

Because we want to give you the best photos that we can, it is recommended that you have a little pamper session before hand so that you look your book yourself a hair and makeup session at your favourite salon or alternatively we can arrange for you to have it done here before we start. Dig out those party dresses/gown's and anything sparkly that you'd like to be photographed in...we want you to look and feel like a movie star!

On the day of your shoot when you arrive, if you've decided to have you hair and make-up done here, we'll introduce you to the stylist and make you a brew. If not, we'll make you a brew anyway and have a look through your outfits to see which backgrounds would compliment them best. Then it's time to start creating your photographs! There's no need to worry about posing, we'll talk you through different poses to make you look natural and relaxed. In a 2/3 hour shoot we'll get through maybe 3/4 outfit changes so you'll have a variety to choose from.

After a week or two (depending on workload), you'll be asked back to view your lovely photographs for the first time...exciting!

There will be no pressure from us to make additional purchases, however we have a feeling that there maybe a few photographs that you won't be able to leave without.