Styled Makeover Portrait Sessions


"Don't forget to LOVE yourself"

Soren Kierkegaard -

Why would I want photographs of myself?

  • To Celebrate a birthday or special occasion (anniversary, mum-to-be...)

  • To capture some precious memories with a family member or friend (mum & daughter, partners, best friends, sisters)

  • To celebrate just being YOU (get looked after by us and get the best photographs of you that you've seen)

  • To increase your self confidence and self esteem (we can't always see what others see, let us show you how beautiful you really are)

Happy Customers

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"I can say in all sincerity that this is the perfect opportunity to escape from the everyday for a while. It’s a time where the focus really is entirely on you. It’s a safe-haven where you can leave behind any of those insecure feelings about appearance or image and instead feel completely at ease and natural, channelling your ‘inner-model’ and being allowed to shine."

- Ann-Marie-

Luxurious handmade 'Memory Box'

with multi-image packages

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How would you like to be photographed?