"Why on earth would I want photographs of myself??"

"Why on earth would I want photos of myself??"

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when confronted with the question...Here are a few considerations before you dismiss the idea.

You work hard everyday, either in a full time job or looking after the house or running around after the kids, you probably spend all day in your 'everyday' clothes...never getting the opportunity to dress up and look glamorous...

You're fed up, not feeling very good about yourself, don't feel special, you never look good in photographs, you're feeling a little overweight - all good reasons to get some professional photos done, you'll look great and feel great!

The kids are growing up fast, you capture every moment of their lives on camera, never missing a moment...brilliant! When they're all grow up they'll have lots of photos to look through...but where's mum? Mum was taking all the photos and never got to be on any of them...

You're looking through all the celebrity magazines, looking at the photographs, "I wish I could look like that! - guess what, you can! Hair, make-up, correct lighting and posing, that's all it is! Let's do it!

It's your birthday! Happy birthday! What a great day to celebrate, you book a lovely meal, go out with friends, have lots of drinks...what a great day. Then the next day, what do you have to show for it apart from a few extra pounds around the waist and possibly a headache. With a makeover/photoshoot, you'll have lovely photos to mark the occasion and you will have them for the rest of your life.

You have a great relationship with your sister, your daughter, your mum, your best friend, your partner...wouldn't it be lovely to have some timeless photos of the two of you together.

Once the images have been individually edited you can come back and have a look through them, if you love them you are welcome to purchase what you want...if you don't like them, you walk away, nothing lost.

Images are printed at 10"x7" and mounted in 3mm thick mount to 14"x11", full size digital file supplied with each print purchas. With purchases of 6 or more, a quality hand crafted presentation folio box will be supplied to protect and show off your photographs.

If you'd like to ask questions or pop round first to see how we operate, give us a shout.

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