Reasons you have for not being photographed...

and why you should!

"Oh you don't want to photograph me!"

Yes I do. I want to photograph everyone and capture them in way that they've never seen before. If you're reading this, you must be even slightly curious, you're exactly the person I want to photograph!

"I'm not photogenic"

Right, 'photogenic' is just an opinion, basically if you look good in a photograph, you are said to be photogenic - it's my job to make sure that you look good in your photographs and love them all, not yours. With hair styling & makeup, guided poses, correct lighting & good outfit choice, everyone is photogenic. 

"I need to lose ten pounds"

Yep, me too! 

Did you know that you can look 10lbs lighter in a photograph just with correct lighting and posing? Luckily for you I'll help with both. But to be honest it doesn't matter anyway - you are who you are, if you're relaxed and comfortable it will show in your face and nobody will even notice if you're a little overweight. If you're really not happy with a part of your body, just let me know beforehand, I'm happy to give you a little 'nip & tuck' in the long as it's not too extreme, we still want your photographs to look like you.

"I have nothing to wear"

Rubbish!, you don't have to wear ball gowns or prom dresses, something as simple as a white shirt and jeans will do, if that's 'you' and you're comfortable in that style then that's what matters. If you want to a bit more 'glam' then did out that little black dress that you wore at last years Christmas party...maybe your friends can lend you a fancy dress or two just for the evening if you want that 'wow' factor. We have a small collection of dresses too that you can 'play' with.

"My schedule is really tight right now"

Don't worry, I'm very flexible. If you work during the day, we're happy to do your shoot in the evening or at a weekend, we'll find a time that works best for you and schedule your session around that. Even if that means coming to you, I can pack up my gear and bring it to you or a park/gardens.

"I'm not the modeling type"

Who said amazing photographs were just for models!? My makeover shoot experience is better suited to the everyday woman, women who don't normally get this chance, who are always 'giving' to the family and never do anything for themselves - you deserve to be celebrated too.

"What would I do with 25 images of myself"

I've no idea, that's entirely up to you!

Would you give them as gifts to your children or partner? Would you create a gallery wall in your home? Would you keep them in one of our gorgeous folio boxes, safely stored and ready to bring out to show off to visitors? Would you have a single frame or two on the wall and refresh them with a different portrait every month? Would you change your profile picture on social media every month? (I bet you would) Would you use them as headshots to market your business? These are all fantastic things to do with your portraits, I'm sure you can think of others.

"I hate being in front of a camera"

Me too, that's why I take the photos... Being in front of the camera can be a bit daunting, you feel like it's a performance and all the pressure is on you. It isn't with us, it's always fun, very relaxed and it will make you want to do it again. You'll be surprised at how comfortable you will feel, read some of my feedback if you don't believe me. We want you as a customer obviously but also as a friend.

"I only need a couple of photos"

Great, when you come back for your reveal session, you'll be shown around 30 images from your shoot, you can just choose a 'couple' of those! There's no pressure to buy anything, just the photos you can't leave without.

"I'm not a girly-girl and I don't do dress up"

That's fine, we do 'casual' too.. Hair & Makeup is not a requirement although we want your photographs to be a bit 'special' so even a natural look makeup can make such a difference. If you don't want to dress up, you don't have to. During our pre shoot chat can discuss the style and outfits that you feel comfortable with, basically bring what you're comfortable wearing.

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