Sam's Birthday Cakesmash

According to his mum, Sam is a 'little monkey', I can't believe that for one moment, he was as good as gold for us! :)

This was a Cakesmash but once Sam saw that cake, there was not going to be any waste, once he tasted it, he was having it all!

A good fun afternoon was had by all.

Lorra's Portrait experience

Lorra was the winner of our 'January Giveaway', it was so nice to finally meet her for her portrait shoot. 

I think it's fair to say and I'm sure she'll back me up, that she had no idea what to expect from her shoot - but was extremely happy with her final images.

Lorra arrived a little nervous, Emma and Lisa had already arrived to do Lorra's hair and makeup which helped to settle her nerves. Not being a usual makeup wearer, once the girls had finished Lorra looked in the mirror and said "It's not me!" - fortunately she meant it in a good way and was delighted with what the girls had done for her - phew!

Then we had a look at the dresses that Lorra had brought, very well prepared - a brownie point to  Lorra there! - and off into the shoot we went.

We got through 4/5 outfit changes throughout the evening and here are a few of the photos that we produced - hope you like them.


With a view to showing what we can do for you ladies, in a more condensed fashion, I have decided to create a small magazine style brochure. The final version will be in printed format but thought I'd share a preview here until it is published.

The photographs are only screenshots so aren't best quality.

Comments welcome!

Bridal Boudoir shoot with Jasmin

Your wedding day is very special to you both and a day you will never forget, but it can be very stressful and over so quickly!

This day is all about you, come to us, have your hair and makeup professionally done so that you look amazing then have 2 to 3 hour photoshoot where you're the star of the show. Either a boudoir shoot to surprise your new husband and celebrate being beautiful or after your wedding you could put on the amazing dress again and show it off in style with a Bride only shoot.

With every shoot there will be an HD video like this available to buy along with your stunning photos.

Kathleen & Mike's wedding

At the end of  October I had the pleasure of photographing Kath & Mike's wedding, I think everyone involved will agree it was a cracking day.

We have met before when I did a little family shoot with their daughter Elena and more recently we had a chilly but picturesesque morning celebrating their Engagement.

They are lovely couple - congratulations and best wishes for the future x


Watch the video to see a summary of their day - and feel free to leave comments! :)

Mum and daughter portraits with Jade & little Evie

A year ago we helped to celebrate little Evie's 1st birthday with a bit of a Cake Smash photoshoot. We all had fun and got some lovely photo's to remember the day.

This year she brought her mum, Jade along to join cakes this time though. 

Here's a small selection of the finished photos.

If you're looking for something special to give to family members for Christmas this year, how lovely would a framed photograph like this be.

Portraits with lauren

We had a great shoot with young Lauren last week, she came with a very relaxed attitude went along with our guidance and suggestions - resulting in some beautiful photographs of her.

These are the images that we gave her to choose from, a tough choice indeed.

If you come for a shoot with us, this is how your photos will be presented on our big screen, about the size of a nice wall sized framed print.

Christmas is on it's way...

I know it may seem a little early to be planning but for those who work full time there are only 10 weekends left before the big day...yes, Christmas is around the corner yet again and the same old question arises

"What on earth can I buy for her!?",

"He's got everything and never likes what I buy anyway!"

Well here's a few suggestions for what to buy each other, or maybe just treat yourself...why not!

We'll plan your shoot to suit you, and there's no need to worry about posing or not being photogenic, it's my job to create photographs that you want to take away with you. To make it easier to pay for your shoots, we accept most debit/credit card payments online or in person. 

We can also provide Gift Cards to wrap up and hand over on Christmas morning.

If you want to know more about our sessions get in touch, no pressure.

Protect and show off your photographs in style

More than happy with these gorgeous 'Memory boxes', quality handmade boxes covered in soft, distressed Italian leather, they smell and feel fantastic!

With the clear plexiglass window and the lid designed to look like a frame you can change your image at your leisure and leave it on display in your home. Lovely!

(Available with collections of 10 or more)


CLICK for larger image

Distressed Italian leather 'Memory Box'


(Available with collections of 10 prints or more)

Gift Cards to help towards your beautiful portraits

You can now buy Gift cards for someone you love...give them the opportunity to be professionally photographed and feel like a star for a few hours.

Gift cards are a great way to pay for your own portrait experience. Just ask your friends and family to buy you gift cards as a present You can then use the Gift Cards together to cover all or some of the cost.

A few hours with Emily

Sometimes we get to photograph smaller people too, but that doesn't mean they don't get our full attention. 

Emily's mum Lara brought her pretty daughter for a portrait session with us, we had such a fun evening, I think you can tell from the photographs.

For every shoot we do, we'll produce a nice little video slideshow like this one, so that you can see your amazing photographs on our big TV and get a feel for how they'll look on your wall.

Young, old, large or small...we'll do our best to make sure you enjoy your experience with us and love your photographs!

A 49th+1 Photoshoot with Jayne

Jayne is fab 50 this year and instead of hiding away in a cupboard, she's embracing it and doing as much as she possibly can...50 different things in a year - one of them was to have a glamorous photoshoot with us!

It took a while to set up as she had so many other things planned but we finally got her here and here's a sample of what we got up to.


Click for large image

Jasmin's photoshoot

Jasmin has had a little break from her modelling and wanted to update her portfolio - so she gave us a shout and had we had a fun few hours creating these.

Click the photo to see a slideshow of the shoot - PLEASE DON'T look if you are offended by underwear!

Fathers Day gift for Tony

It's not very often that we get fellas coming for a portrait session, so this was quite refreshing...Jennah-Rae & Malcom decided to treat dad Tony (it's never easy buying for dads) to a Father/Son photo shoot as a gift for fathers day. They were both a bit wary to start with but soon relaxed and got into the swing of it and lads being lads, we got a bit 'less serious' later on. Thanks fellas!

Bridal shoot - Ann-Marie

The first time this wedding dress was worn was 31 years ago and it still fits perfectly. Ann-Marie came with make-up and hair already done, she'd not been photographed professionally since she was married so was excited to get started with the shoot and trusted our direction and ideas.

I think you'll agree she looks amazing!

And here are some of my other favourites from the same session.

If you'd be interested in some lovely images like these, get in touch with me to chat about what style of photos you'd like...there's no pressure to commit. Let's relive your wedding day, bring along your wedding dress if you still have it. Maybe you have a special birthday coming up or an anniversary. You don't have to come alone either, you can bring your son/daughter, a friend or partner.

Come and create some special memories with us.