A transformational experience that will change the way you see yourself

“I want to create photographs that allow you to see how your friends and family see you - beautiful!”

Your portrait experience...

Your Consultation

First of all we’ll meet up or chat online to plan your shoot - What style of images appeal to you? - What would you like to be wearing in your photographs? - Will you be sharing the experience with a loved one? your Mum, daughter, partner or even a friend? - Ultimately what products are you looking to buy - a Memory box collection, individual prints or wall art?

Now we have a plan to make your shoot go as smooth as possible, we can arrange a date for you.

Your Guided Session

Our hair & makeup girls will make you look amazing while we have a chat and get to know you.

We'll match your outfits to our backdrops to give a classy look to your photographs.

No need to worry about posing, we'll light you and talk you through each pose to make you look natural and beautiful.

Your Reveal

When you’re photographs are ready you are invited back to view them for the first time on our large screen...exciting and sometimes quite emotional.

You can choose to purchase as many or as few prints as you desire, there will be no pressure from us to make additional purchases but if you do decide that you just can’t go home without some, we’ll help you to make your choices.

We only buy what you love - and to give you an experience to remember.





Weddings & Engagements

Your Experience

Your session includes a

consultation to style and

organise your shoot,

professional hair & makeup,

a 2-3 hour photo session

and an in person

portrait reveal .



Just For You...

This isn't just a quick photo shoot, this is chance to be yourself, to be pampered, to look your best and to wear your favourite outfits - and best of all we get to capture it all in gorgeous photographs so you never forget.

A behind the scenes look at one of our shoots

Your Products

Luxurious hand crafted

quality memory boxes.

Full matted ready to frame prints



I’m Mike, nice to see you!

Just a little insight into me and my photography - 

I'm a portrait photographer, specialising primarily in womens beauty portraits but covering family, children portraits and weddings. I have a vast experience of lighting, posing and photoshop skills, My goal is to take photographs of you that will fill you with pride and self worth, photographs that you will treasure and one day will be the most precious item that your children own. 

I'm 54, live in Runcorn, Cheshire, happily married for 30 years with 2 grown up lads - (and a slightly rounder 'tum' than I would like).

The things that make me happy are playing the guitar, pizza (hence the tum) and having regular weeks away with Jeannette & Molly, our pooch (in any order).

The best feedback we've had from a client sums up what we're about :-

"...you will be shown superb photographs created by Mike that will truly astonish and delight you. Any of them that you go on to choose will always be a tangible, treasured reminder of just how beautiful and special you are but perhaps didn’t always believe it. Thank you so much Mike and Jeanette for making that a reality for me."


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