Styled Makeover Portrait Sessions

Your portrait experience...

This is your opportunity to discover how truly beautiful you are at this stage of your life. Let us give you an experience that's all about you.

Share the experience with your sister, your mother, your daughter, partner or best friend. Your portrait session is a celebration of you on a day of your choice. It is never too late, or too early, nor do you have to wait for something to change. The time is right now and afterwards, you will have stunning portraits for your loved ones and for yourself for many years to come. It is the best gift you can give yourself and let's face it, you deserve it.

What's involved?

Your Consultation

Once you've contacted us and made an enquiry we'll agree to meet you for a chat. We'll talk about how you would like the shoot to go and the style of images that appeal to you. We'll discuss what kind of outfits you have, and what you'd like wear. If you don't have many nice dresses, talk to your friends and borrow some for the session. Would you like to be photographed alone or maybe with a family member, a friend or partner? What products are you looking to buy?

Now we have a plan we can arrange a date for your shoot.

Your Guided Session

On the day of your shoot when you arrive, we'll introduce you to the stylists and make you a brew. The girls will then get on with making you look amazing! We'll have a look through your outfits together to see which backgrounds would compliment them best.

Then it's time to start creating your photographs! There's no need to worry about posing, we'll talk you through different poses to make you look natural and relaxed. In a 2/3 hour shoot we'll get through maybe 3/4 outfit changes so you'll have a good variety of images to choose from.

Your Reveal

When you’re photographs are ready you are invited back to view them for the first time on our large screen...exciting and sometimes quite emotional.

You can choose to purchase as many or as few prints as you desire, there will be no pressure from us to make additional purchases but if you do decide that you just can’t go home without some, we’ll help you to make your choices.

We only buy what you love - and to give you an experience to remember.

Reasons to be photographed...

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Portrait Session

Your personalize portrait session is great for:

Stylized Portraits

Teen Portraits

Boudoir Portraits

Multi-Generational Portraits

Couple Portraits

Family Portraits

Mother and Daughter Portraits

and so much more