Lorra's Portrait experience

Lorra was the winner of our 'January Giveaway', it was so nice to finally meet her for her portrait shoot. 

I think it's fair to say and I'm sure she'll back me up, that she had no idea what to expect from her shoot - but was extremely happy with her final images.

Lorra arrived a little nervous, Emma and Lisa had already arrived to do Lorra's hair and makeup which helped to settle her nerves. Not being a usual makeup wearer, once the girls had finished Lorra looked in the mirror and said "It's not me!" - fortunately she meant it in a good way and was delighted with what the girls had done for her - phew!

Then we had a look at the dresses that Lorra had brought, very well prepared - a brownie point to  Lorra there! - and off into the shoot we went.

We got through 4/5 outfit changes throughout the evening and here are a few of the photos that we produced - hope you like them.

Mike GoodwinComment